The Lemonade Club

Title: The Lemonade Club


Bibliography: Polacco, P. (2007). The Lemonade Club. New York: Philomel Books


Annotation: This is a beautiful story highlighting the friendship of Marilyn and Traci and their process of learning that when life gives you lemons; make lemonade and applying it to life itself as they deal with Marilyn’s diagnosis of leukemia.


Genre: Realistic Fiction


Grade Level: 3-5


Readers who will like this book: Anyone who is intrigued by the gifts and beauty of friendship is sure to enjoy this tale of Marilyn and Traci.


Personal Response and rating: 5; Polacco takes an important life lesson, making the best of not-so-great situations, and makes it relatable to her young readers. I absolutely loved this story; her writing and illustrations evoke moving emotions.


Question: What kind of attitude do you think is most effective when you are dealing with someone difficult? Why?


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