Someone for Mr. Sussman

Title: Someone for Mr. Sussman


Bibliography: Polacco, P. (2008). Someone for Mr. Sussman. New York: Philomel Books


Annotation: Someone for Mr. Sussman is the tale of Bubble’s the matchmaker. She has found a match for everyone in the neighborhood, everyone but herself and Mr. Sussman, for he is just too picky! This extremely goofy tales ends happily when Bubbles and Mr. Sussman realize that what they want is right in front of them!


Genre: Realistic Fiction


Grade Level: 2-4


Readers who will like this book: Any reader interested in romantic comedies will thoroughly enjoy the tale of Bubble’s the matchmaker and the picky Mr. Sussman.  


Personal Response and rating: 5; This is a fabulously goofy love story that reminds us that it is never too late to find love. This has become an instant favorite.


Question: What is a matchmaker? What is the goal of a matchmaker? 


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