For the Love of Autumn

Title: For the Love of Autumn

Bibliography:  Polacco, P. (2008). For the Love of Autumn. New York: Philomel Books

Annotation: For the Love of Autumn is about a corky schoolteacher, Miss Parks, who has a soft spot for her new kitten, Autumn. One day Autumn ran away, Miss Parks, with the help of her students, look everywhere for the kitten but they come up empty-handed. One day, Autumn returns and it is apparent that someone has been caring for her. Again, with the help of her students, Miss Parks unravels the mystery, which ultimately leads her to love.

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Grade Level: 1-3

Readers who will like this book: This book will definitely appeal to teachers as well as those that enjoy a plausible love story, straying from fairytale to reality.

Personal Response and rating: 5; This is an absolutely delightful love story. As a future teacher this book definitely hits a soft spot and I can only hope that one day I have such a close and meaningful relationship with my students. Also, who doesn’t love an adorable kitten?

Question: Has something good ever come out of something that was seemingly bad? Explain. (Provide an example that does not give away the plot of the story.)

Reading Strategy:

a.) Plot Profiles

b.) A ‘plot profile’ is a great tool to assess comprehension of a story, it is a graph where the x-axis is time (chapter, page, etc.) and the y-axis represents the mood of the plot from low to high.

c.) A ‘plot profile’ is a great way for students to trace Miss Park’s mood throughout the story, noting the positive things she is experiencing (loving her new teaching job) and the negative things she is experience (her kitten running away).


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