Johnny Appleseed

1. Johnny Appleseed
2. Kellogg, Steven (1988). Johnny Appleseed. New York: Morrow Junior Books.
3. Johnny Appleseed lived in Ohio. He began planting apple trees when he was very young. His mother and younger brother had died and his father remarried. He cleared forests to harvest his trees. Johnny even challenged a band of men to a tree-chopping contest, which cleared the land for his next orchard. He did this across the state of Ohio. He sold the trees, read to children, and help the community wherever he could. When it was time for him to move on tales were told about him, each getting more extravagant with the years past. He would sometimes go back and visit, to tell stories. After he died, some still claimed to see him in the forest.
4. Fable
5. Grade 1- Grade 3
6. Readers who like apples, stories of people lives, or fables will like this book.
7. 3; I really enjoyed learning about Johnny Appleseed’s life. It was sad at the beginning but he lead a very good life. I think children will like it too.
8. Have you ever heard of Johnny Appleseed? Have you ever seen an apple tree?


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