Bear Says Thanks

Title: Bear Says Thanks

Bibliographic Information: Wilson, K. (2012). Bear says thanks. New York: Margaret K. McElderry Books.

Annotation: Bear is very bored one day and decides to make a feast for all of his friends, until he notices his cupboards are bare. All of his friends bring treats and food to share, bear is very thankful.

Genre: Fantasy – Picturebook

Grade level: Preschool – 2nd grade

Readers who will like this book: All young readers who are looking for a friendly, fun, and exciting book.

Personal response/rating: I rate this book a five because it sets a good example on how to use manners and to be thankful. It also shows a good example on how important it is to include all of your friends.

Question I would ask before the reading: What are some things you are very grateful for in your life?


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