Thank you, Mr. Falker

Bibliographic information: Polacco, P. (1998). Thank you, Mr. Falker. New York: Philomel Books.

Short annotation: Thank you, Mr. Falker is a story about a girl named Trisha, who at first loved school, but as time went on she started to dislike school because she became the victim of bullying due to the fact she had a hard time reading.

The genre: Realistic fiction, Picture book

Grade level:  Preschool to Second grade

Readers who will like this book: Children of all ages, parents trying to show their child that bullying is not okay and that teacher will help students when they are struggling, educators talking about learning differences and bullying.

Personal response and rating: I would give this book a 5; I loved every aspect of this book because it talked about teachers going above and beyond to help students, students being able to struggle but still succeed and that bullies do get in trouble. I also really enjoyed looking at all the detail put into the images.

Question: Have you ever had a teacher who went above and beyond what was required to help you understand a subject that you were struggling with?


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