Knuffle Bunny

1. Knuffle Bunny

2.Willems, M. (2004). Knuffle Bunny. New York: Hyperion Books for Children.

3. This book is about a little girl named Trixie who is not able to talk yet. She goes to the laundry mat with her father and ends up losing her stuffed bunny ” Knuffle Bunny.” Until they finally find the stuffed bunny she acts out with her father trying to get his attention on that she lost her bunny.

4. Cautionary Tale, Picture Book.

5. k-1

6. Readers who have stuffed animals they love and who like photography.

7. Rate:4; the book was pretty funny. The facial expressions showed a lot of emotion and the storyline overall kept my attention throughout the whole book .

8. What is your favorite toy? how would you feel if you lost it?


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