Girl’s Day in Hawai’i with Yuki-chan

Ching, T. I. (2007). Girl’s day in Hawai’i with Yuki-chan. Hawai’i: Mutual Publishing.

Yuki-chan is an adopted Japanese girl living in Hawaii who is learning to celebrate “Girl’s Day,” a traditional Japanese celebration/festival. Yuki and her friends have a party, laced with Japanese customs, to celebrate!

Genre: Contemporary realistic fiction

Grade: 2nd-4th

Readers who will like this book: Children who are adopted, children who have a connection to the Japanese culture, children who enjoy learning about other cultures.

Response and rating: 5; I loved this book because it provides several interesting and excellent aspects of Japanese culture  surrounding a celebration including but not limited to art, food, and language. Along with its relatable depiction of Yuki, the author was sure to provide opportunities which allow readers to further explore the culture. By providing recipes, a glossary, and instructions for making an origami doll, the author encourages children to continue to interact with this story and be mindful of this different culture. I have not had much experience, but I have not seen another cultural book that includes these helpful activities to help deepen reader’s understanding of the content.

Question: What holiday is most special to you? Why?


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