Black and White

1. Black and White

2. Macaulay, D. (1990). Black and White. Houghton, Boston.

3. This book is mainly about a boy on a train by himself and it ends up getting stopped by a herd of cows. As the story continues it goes back and forth between many different scenes describing a family and the moments they had together and back to the boy on the train. It seems to me that the boy is on the train daydreaming about these moments on the train.

4. Picture Book

5. 1-3

6. Readers who like mentally putting things together and connecting stories.

7. Rate:3; It was an interesting book because you find yourself trying to follow the story but it is somewhat confusing and hard to explain.

8. What do you see within the cover photo?

Reading Strategy: I would choose the double entry. I would do this because the story could get confusing to the children it will help them reflect on what they saw and piece things together.


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