The Butterfly

Bibliographic information: Polacco, P. (2000). The Butterfly. New York: Philomel books.

Short annotation: This book takes place during the holocaust and talks about the capturing of Jews. Monique and her mom were holding Jews in the basement of their house. Monique did not know about this at first but soon found out about it as she seen the little girl in her room. Monique and her mom has to be able to protect the little girl and her family from being captured by the Nazi soldiers.

Genre: Historical fiction.

Grade level: Second through the fifth grade.

Audience: Students and teachers would enjoy this book because it explains what happened during the holocaust and how people felt during this time.

Response and Rating: I give this book a rating of nine because it explains what happened when the holocaust was happening. It explains how Jews had to hide from the Nazis for their own safety and to prevent from being captured. Most were able to succeed in hiding, but many Jews got captured.

Question: What do you know about the holocaust?


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