How Full is Your Bucket?

Title: How Full is Your Bucket?

Bibliographic Information: Rath, T. & Reckmeyer, M. (2009). How full is your bucket? New York: Gallup Press.

Annotation: Felix easily gets upset with his younger sister, Anna, when she knocks down all of his blocks. After this incident, their grandpa teaches Felix about everyone’s invisible bucket, Felix works hard to fill his and his peers’ buckets up with water.

Genre: Picturebook/fiction

Grade level: Preschool – 2nd grade

Readers who will like this book: Readers looking for a good message on how treat others equally. It’s a good lesson/book for all readers; this book shows us how to be kind to one another and what the damage can be if we aren’t respectful.

Personal response/rating: I rate this book a 5, because it is such a good lesson on how everyone has feelings and how we don’t want to hurt them. We want to fill our “invisible bucket” up with water (water represents happy feelings), we don’t want to lose water nor do we want anyone else. It is a good reminder for readers to be kind and include everyone.

Question I would ask before the reading: What are some nice things we can do to our friends to help make them feel happy? What makes our friends sad?

Reading Strategy – Grand Conversations: I would use this strategy because it is an important book to reflect back on and discuss with your students. The class would first talk about their reaction to the book and then together discuss how we can fill our buckets up. This is an appropriate strategy for this book, because the students will stay engaged and will help them open up to their classmates.


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