Girl’s Day in Hawai’i with Yuki-chan

Bibliographic Information: Ching, T. I. (2007). Girl’s day in Hawai’i with Yuki-chan. Hawai’i: Mutual Publishing.

Brief Annotation: Yuki, an adopted Japanese girl living in Hawai’i, learns about the Japanese celebration “Girl’s Day,” and has a party with her friends to commemorate it.

Genre: Contemporary realistic fiction

Grade Level: 2-3

Readers who will like this: Children who have Japanese heritage; children who enjoy learning about Japanese culture; adopted children.

Rating/Response: 4.5; This is an excellent book in several ways. Yuki’s family is an outstanding example of a healthy family with adopted children. The descriptions of the parts of the Girl’s Day celebration are detailed and interesting. Yuki and her mother are able to teach each other with mutual respect. The book includes a glossary in the back (a great help for teachers unfamiliar with the Japanese words featured throughout the story), instructions on how to make the origami doll bookmarks featured in the book, and recipes for some of the foods described as part of a traditional Girl’s Day celebration, making it a lesson plan in and of itself. The teacher/reader would have to be sure to read the book and the glossary to her or himself prior to reading to ensure familiarity with the Japanese words. It is also a long book, and younger children may grow restless.

One question you would ask before a read aloud: What does your family celebrate?


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